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The information contained herein is provided for informational purposes for the guidance of prospective owners and does not constitute an offering of condominium units for sale or a solicitation of offers to purchase units. Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating representations of the developer. While we seek to include current and accurate information, the information and materials described herein should not be relied upon by any person or entity for any reason other than to gain interest in obtaining additional information regarding the project and/or condominium units.

All sketches, renderings, graphic materials, plans, specifications, terms, prices, conditions and statements, including estimated timeframes and dates, contained herein are proposed only, and the developer reserves the right to modify, revise or withdraw any or all of same in its sole discretion and without prior notice. The photographs contained herein are used to depict the spirit of the lifestyles to be achieved rather than any that may exist or that may be proposed and are merely intended as illustrations of the activities and concepts depicted therein.

Current development plans are subject to change without notice. Use of recreational amenities may be subject to usage charges or fees and/or other requirements. Maps, floor plans, models and other improvements represented are not to scale or shown in their final as-built locations and orientations. Interior photos depict model units with designer elements, options and upgrades that may or may not be available for purchase by a prospective buyer, and are not representative of the standard features of units as presently planned. All fixtures, furniture, art and items of finish and decoration of the units are for illustrative purposes only, and will not be included in the unit unless otherwise provided by the developer in the purchase and sale documents.

Developer makes no representations regarding any view and/or exposure to light at any time including any existing or future construction by either developer or a third party. Any views represented in the materials on this site are also preliminary and may be changed or eliminated in the final construction of the project. Views shown cannot be relied upon as the actual view from any particular unit within the project. The developer of the project hereby gives notice to prospective buyers that the developer in no manner guarantees the continuing existence of any view from a particular unit in the project and that the developer makes no commitment or representation concerning the development of any property in proximity to, or visible from, a unit or the project.

Square footage and ceiling height measurements are approximate only, are based upon initial architectural drawings, and may be based on various measurement methodologies, subject to construction variances and tolerances, as well as redesign. Actual square footages and ceiling heights may vary. Net usable square footage is less than any gross square footage indicated. Developer reserves the right to make modifications and changes in design of the project, buildings, condominium units, products, finishes, plans, materials, specifications and features without notice or obligation, in its sole discretion, in accordance with the terms of the unit purchase agreement, the condominium documents and applicable laws and regulations. Neither the information and materials described herein, nor any communication made or given in connection with any of the foregoing, may be deemed to constitute a warranty.

The project graphics, renderings and text provided herein are copyrighted works owned by the developer. Unauthorized reproduction, display or other dissemination of such materials is strictly prohibited. Additionally, this website may contain or reference trademarks, copyrighted materials, trade secrets, technologies, products, processes or other proprietary rights of the developer and/or other parties. No license to or right in any such trademarks, copyrighted materials, trade secrets, technologies, products, processes and other proprietary rights of developer and/or other parties is granted to or conferred upon you.

In order for a broker or an agent’s brokerage firm to be entitled to a cooperating broker commission for referring a purchaser to the project, the broker or agent, and the prospective purchaser represented by the broker or agent, must execute a broker co-op form in addition to completing a registration. A registration and the broker co-op form must be completed and returned to a sales representative on or before the prospective purchaser’s first visit to the project, otherwise the broker or agent’s brokerage firm will not be entitled to receive a commission as a cooperating broker for referring the prospective purchaser listed on the registration. Unless otherwise provided, no real estate broker is authorized to make any representations or other statements regarding the project, and no agreements with, deposits paid to or other arrangements made with any real estate broker are or shall be binding on the developer.

Where used, developer shall mean Tribune Tower West (Chicago) Owner, LLC and its affiliated entities and their respective managers, members, directors, shareholders, partners, agents, affiliates and employees. The CHICAGO TRIBUNE® sign is used under license. All Rights Reserved. Developer License #2556130.


Map provided via the Mapbox API. Map is for illsutration purpsoes and is not to scale.