Steeped in history stretching back to the early 1900’s, Tribune Tower Residences flawlessly mixes a heritage of majestic architecture with contemporary luxury to suit the tastes of today.

A Worldly Competition, A Storied Beginning

In 1922, the Chicago Tribune co-publishers Col. Robert R. McCormick and Capt. Joseph M Patterson announced an international competition for the design of Tribune Tower. The winning entry was designed by New York architects John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood, who were selected from among more than 260 entries representing 23 countries. Nearly a century later, the soaring vertical lines, flying buttresses and rich embellishments on Tribune Tower remain undiminished in their power to draw the eye and inspire the imagination.


Tribune acquired the initial block known as Tribune Square. Construction began on the printing plant on the southeast corner of the block.


Printing and composing operations shifted to the new plant.


International Competition for the design of Tribune Tower announced.


Completion of Tribune Tower.


Construction began on the 4-story WGN building at the northwest corner of the block.


WGN & Nathan Hale entry completed.


Construction began on the 8-story addition to the WGN building at the northeast corner of the block.


Chicago Tribune sign installed on the plant building.


Pioneer Court Constructed.


CIM & Golub acquired Tribune Tower and began the redevelopment of the buildings into luxury residences.


Tribune Tower Residences sales gallery opens.

Tribune Tower